Snorkeling in Tehuamixtle

Snorkeling in Tehuamixtle

Hooligan Adventures recently discovered a hidden snorkeling gem just over an hour south of Puerto Vallarta, in the quaint little fishing village of Tehuamixtle (pronounced TAY-wah-MISHt-lay), or shortened to “Tehua” by the locals. The bay offers good protection from ocean swells, and the sandy beach is soft and gentle on your feet. Swimming here is very pleasant as the water is clear, calm and warm.

As soon as you wade in to a few feet of water you are quickly surrounded by hundreds of fish, and swimming out just 20 or 30 feet you will find plenty of rocks and coral that is teeming with sea life.

40 yards from the shore there is a sunken fishing boat that makes for a very intriguing place to snorkel.  Just a little further beyond the wreck, fishing boats moor to buoys on the north side of the bay. Beneath each of the boats hundreds of fish huddle for safety, shielding them from hungry birds diving from above.

This tiny little bay is an exquisite slice of heaven for snorkeling, or just hanging out on the beach and enjoying one of the many restaurants that are serving up fresh ceviche and delicious margaritas. Hooligan Adventures is picking Tehuamixtle as their #1 Snorkeling Adventure Destination. We are very excited to sail the Hooligan down for future tours.

The very funky, affordable and comfortable “El Rinconcito” Hotel is just a 5 minute drive away in Mayto.  Hooligan Adventures would love to bring you to Tehuamixtle for a snorkeling adventure that you will never forget.

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