A Day to Remember at Las Animas

A Day to Remember at Las Animas

What an absolutely fabulous day it was, especially for a Monday. We loaded up the Hooligan with beer, ice and a fantastic crew of people at 10am and then departed from the Paradise Village Marina shortly after.  The water was calm and the Hooligan breezed out of the marina entrance without even so much as a bump or a wave.

Cruising out into the bay it was apparent that we wouldn’t be sailing as we were making our own wind and the water was almost at a dead calm, so the Capitán put the healthy Yanmar motor into full speed ahead and we motored towards Las Animas at a comfortable 6 and a half knots. There was a slight morning haze lingering across the bay but it was still a magical morning, and it wasn’t long before we saw our first turtle and then the glistening wing tips of a manta ray.

The cruise across the bay to Las Animas took 2 easy hours. We snagged a mooring buoy and then hopped aboard one of the pangas to take us in to shore where we grabbed a table at El Coral restaurant and then ordered lunch just in time for the football match of the day to start on the big screen. After a couple of cervezas, the most amazing Zarandeado grilled fish was placed on the table and we all dug in.

Once our bellies had been filled, the young guns accepted a challenge from the seasoned sailors for a battle of bocci ball on the beach. There was no question as to who would come out on top, however it was all in great fun and we ended the 10-1 beating with cheers and a couple more beers before rounding up the furry pirate Mason and hailing a panga to take us back to the Hooligan.

What a spectacular sight she was as we approached her from the beach, bobbing on the water and glistening in the brilliant light of the mid afternoon. We boarded her swiftly and fired up her engine, it was time to point due north and head her back to the marina. We opened the main sail, but alas, it was to no avail as the wind was still less than a gentle breeze.

About 30 minutes after leaving Las Animas, we encountered a pod of dolphins who playfully swam alongside and ahead of the boat while good ol’ Mason had a bit of a hay day leaning over the railing and barking at the curious dolphins who were probably laughing right back at him.

“Ahoy mates! Let’s unfurl that big jib and see if we can’t sail for a little bit!” jeered the Capitán, as he prepared the lines and directed his helping hands about the boat. The jib opened slowly, and then paused, the wind was all but lost. “Arrrrg, she just won’t go!” he muttered as he gave the sheet another tug, and then… calamity! The halyard for the foresail snapped! The sail dropped down at almost terminal velocity, and she spilled overboard into the sea.

“All remain calm! It appears that we have a minor emergency at sea! Ian, to the bow my man, we must gently pull the sail from the water and get her back up on deck!”

Just like that, the panic was over and it was as if nothing had even happened. With the main sail raised, we continued motoring back to our destination at Paradise Village Marina.

Not far from the marina entrance, Capitán lowered the main sail and prepared the fenders just before cruising back into the marina and smoothly docking the Hooligan in her slip.

After the guests had disembarked the Hooligan and departed the dock, the Capitán wasted no time in climbing to the top of his mast and hoisting the jib sail once more.

What a fabulous day at sea and Las Animas beach it was, and the best part of it was all of the wonderful people that joined together to make it such a great day.

This is what sailing is all about my dear friends, and it was such a pleasure to share it with you all. I hope that you all enjoyed it as much as I did, so please, come back again soon!

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Puerto Vallarta, Paradise on the Water

Puerto Vallarta, Paradise on the Water

With the wind in her sails, the Hooligan glided smoothly across the water and approached the iconic waterfront of Puerto Vallarta. Even from a couple of miles away, the majestic ‘Catrina’ stood tall and became vibrantly visible as we neared the Malecon. The monumental ‘Catrina’ was erected during the 10 days of festivities in honor of the dead, and has been recognized as the ‘Tallest Catrina in the World’.

After tacking back towards Nuevo Nayarit, an exquisite spread of specially prepared foods was served to our guests as they sipped on glasses of wine and watched another spectacular sunset across the Bay of Banderas. “Sunsets never get old”.

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Ceviche Special

Ceviche Special

Ceviche Special on Right Now!

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We are happy to support local businesses and provide our guests with fresh ceviche that is prepared daily right before a tour and served with gluten free corn tostadas.

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If you are looking to explore a more refined selection of foods to pair with our very tasty wines, we are happy to offer upgraded food options at an additional cost per guest. Please note that all food upgrades must be placed when you book your tour so that our crew has ample time to locally source all of the ingredients and prepare the food before your tour.

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Tranquility on Tap

Tranquility on Tap

What a wonderful Wednesday sunset cruise it was as the Hooligan motored out in to the bay and within 15 minutes was surrounded by a pod of 7 or more whales that were feeding and teaching their babies how to breach.  We quickly cut the engine motor and then raised the main sail so that we could cruise around silently, and were pleasantly surprised shortly after as a pod of dolphins approached the boat in curiosity and playfulness.

The sunset turned out to be quite spectacular as the extravagant cloud formations inspired our imaginations to find infinitely intriguing designs and shapes within them until the sun finally set beyond the horizon, which was pleasantly peppered with misty sprays of dolphins and whales across the bay.  Just before we dropped the main sail and prepared to head back to port, we saw something floating on the starboard of the boat, and as we got closer to inspect, a friendly fin raised out of the water to wave us on by.  A happily bobbing old tortoise was out for a leisurely evening swim and just wanted to say hello before it took a deep breath and dived deep down below.

The Hooligan then fired up her engine and we motored her back into the marina, as we closed out another beautiful afternoon cruise with a brilliantly colorful dusk behind us, and smiles from cheek to cheek on everyone’s faces.

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Cruising with Dolphins


Come aboard the Hooligan and get within almost touching distance to pods of playful dolphins in the Bay of Banderas!  This is the time of year and there are hundreds of dolphins cruising around the bay, from Puerto Vallarta to Yelapa, across to La Cruz and all the way up to Punta de Mita.  Every day is a great day out on the water, just take a look at our latest video where we came across a pod of over 100 dolphins that swam all around the boat and some of them even swam ahead of us for quite a distance.

Imagine cruising along on the front perched lookout seat of the Hooligan while the dolphins weave and dive just beneath your feet as they tilt their heads up to look right into your eyes!  Book your tour today and jump aboard the Hooligan for a private tour on our comfortable sailboat.  Whether you want to head out first thing in the day to fill your hearts delight with sightings of whales, dolphins, turtles and rays, or if you would prefer to set out in the afternoon to enjoy a breathtaking sunset, we have you covered.

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All of our tours are exclusively just for you and your group of 4 to 8 people, and include a hand picked selection of beer, wine, soda, water and snacks.  Our sunset cruises also have special food upgrades available, such as locally sourced and freshly prepared guacamole, tasty cheese and fruit platters, or our delicious charcuterie board to be paired with your choice of wine.  Please let us know ahead of time if anyone in your party has any food allergies or dietary restrictions.  In addition to our popular sunset cruises, our daytime tours can be tailored for your desire, whether it is to see wildlife, or enjoy activities such as snorkeling, surfing and paddle boarding. All of our tours are subject to variable weather conditions.

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